“The argument from design fails to convince us of the existence of God. We can hardly expect as much from it when there is so little of the same sort of evidence that humans have ever existed.”
Bianco Luno.

[L., a. Gr. απορια, n. of state f. απορι-ος ...]
1589 PUTTENHAM Eng. Poesie (Arb.) 234 Aporia, or the Doubtfull. [So] called..because oftentimes we will seeme to cast perils, and make doubt of things when by a plaine manner of speech wee might affirme or deny him. 1657 J. SMITH Myst. Rhet. 150 Aporia is a figure whereby the Speaker sheweth that he doubteth, either where to begin for the multitude of matters, or what to do or say in some strange or ambiguous thing. 1751 in CHAMBERS; and in mod. Dicts. [E.g. Luke xvi. 3.]

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