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aporia web design is a Seattle-based company and largely consists of the work of me, Victor Muñoz. I do enlist the help of specialists as needed, but I stand behind all the work we do. (This may explain why sometimes I write with the royal “we” as though there were many of us. Usually, itís just me you will be dealing with.)

My first web sites were designed in 1997. Some of my web design and maintenance clients have been with me for almost 10 years. I have also tutored students in web design at the University of Washington. Included in my portfolio are web sites for personal, educational, social, and commercial use. I have worked with individuals and non-profits as well as small commercial enterprises.

Striving for web standards compliance is an important consideration in my work. This is important for many reasons, not least of which is that it serves the visibility (think search engines), usability (think of the variety of visitors), and promotes the durability (think less maintenance issues as browsers develop) of a web site. Nevertheless, I will do what it takes to serve the needs of the clients I take on.

Among the web technologies I use are XHTML, CSS, Javascript, SSI, various PHP Content Management Systems (such as Wordpress, Joomla, or OScommerce). I have setup clients with economical Paypal shopping carts as well as more advanced online stores with merchant accounts and full credit card functionality. I do not at this time create Flash content.

I am an open source advocate and usually design sites with open source tools such as Linux, Firefox, Bluefish, gFTP, The Gimp, etc. This puts me in a position to be keenly aware of browser and operating system peculiarities and limitations. It also means I must test thoroughly on Windows and Mac machines and across several browsers.

Outside of web design, I study, teach, and write philosophy both in and outside academia. Also, I have helped start several small businesses in the Seattle area as well. More of my doings can be scoped out at aporia.net.

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