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Project rates

The total cost of a web site design or re-design can be estimated if you have clear requirements and goals. Here are some rough guidelines: a basic site with under five pages and a few images based on a single design theme starts at about $500. Enhancements such as contact forms, tables, many images or image galleries, many additional pages can bring the total to $1000 or more. Sites with online store/shopping cart capabilities start around $1000 and go up from there, depending on complexity and size, although simpler sites with Paypal credit card functionality for a few items can be considerably less. A blog setup with some basic customization starts at about $500.

The amount of customization you require and changes from your original plan are the main determining factors in how far beyond these numbers your total bill will be. Change, of course, is inevitable, but to help contain costs you should give some thought to what you wish to accomplish with your web site early in the process. Any training you may need if you want to participate in the maintenance of your site, as in the case of blogs or other content management systems, is also a consideration. Although content management systems can be very efficient and cost-effective long-term, their initial setup and customization can be involved.

Bona fide non-profit projects may receive a 20% discount off the total bill.

Contact Aporia Web Design with your needs and we will give you more specific figures. There is no charge for an initial one hour consultation on site design or re-design via email or phone.

Billing policy

As noted above, there is no charge for the first hour of your consultation with us on a design project.

Most design projects begin seriously when the client makes a deposit of $250. (For maintenance and consulting rates, see below.) As work progresses you will be billed that amount again for approximately every 4 hours of design time that has been expended on your project until it is done. The final billing may be less than that if the project is near completion. You will be given a brief report of what has been accomplished or offered a chance to see the site in progress hosted at a temporary location at each billing time. You will also receive an update on the expected completion time. See also our overview of the design process.

Domain registration, web hosting, email services, merchant accounts, or any other fees charged by third parties are extra and paid directly to these contracted parties unless we make other arrangements. We certainly may handle all or any of these associated services for you at cost plus a fee charged at our hourly rate. We will estimate these costs in our initial proposal. See Services for more information on typical associated fees.

As always, if you are on a budget and/or want to participate in anyway that may lessen your ongoing maintenance expenses, we will be glad to work with you as well as offer personalized training in any of the services we provide.

Hourly rate

$60/hour ($30 minimum charge)

This is our standard rate for any maintenance or consulting work we do that is not billed as a full-fledged "design project." Tip: If you have several minor changes you wish us to make, you will get more for your money if you combine and email them to us all at once since the minimum hourly charge is one half hour ($30) and a fair number of small changes can often be fitted into that time-frame.

Travel rate

$80/hour ($80 minimum charge)

Most of our services do not require travel, but you may have special requirements that would benefit from an in-person visit. This rate is for consultation or training requiring travel, an option only within the Seattle area.

Special and promotional rates


Periodically, usually depending on workload, we may advertise lower project and hourly rates elsewhere.

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