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Custom site design and re-design

Your site may be a simple “brochure” site, a place where you publish your message through text and images. Or it can be a place to organize and show off your life or work such as a blog or a database of contacts or a mass of collected information. Or a place to display your product line or explain your services, or offer a complete online shopping experience with credit card functionality. Aporia Web Design will work with your requirements and use the appropriate tools to shape a site to serve them.

If there are existing web sites that you like, or you have some ideas of your own about what your site should look like, or have ideas that you don't quite know how to implement, or you would like “something completely different,” we encourage you to let us know. Your input is critical to getting the design project started on the right foot.

The “look and feel” of a site is usually inspired by an image or a logo that you may supply or we may help you create, find, or acquire.

If you already have a web site and want a re-design or enhancements, we are glad to do that as well.

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Domain name registration: your address on the web

A domain name like “www.mydomain.com” is a way to claim a unique identity on the web. It is what visitors may type in their browsers to visit your site. It is what you might have printed on business cards and other publicity copy. Some thought should go into your choice. If you don't already have one, we can help you acquire a domain name (or several) through a domain registrar. Registrars typically charge from about $8 to $35 annually per domain name.

Hosting: where your site lives

If a domain name is like a street address, a host is like your landlord. All web sites have to live on a computer called a web server owned by a web hosting company located who-knows-where in the physical world. Physical location is usually unimportant on the web. What matters is how reliable and featureful your web host is. If you don't already have one, we will get one for you. Costs are all over the map, depending on your budget and requirements, but most of us do not need to spend more than $90 to $130 per year for this service. More information...

Email setup

If you have a domain name and a web site at “www.mydomain.com,” you will probably want an email address like “me@mydomain.com.” Or perhaps you need several email addresses using your domain for your friends or employees or departments. We can help you make this happen.

Search engines: getting your site known

The most important considerations for ranking well on search engines are the structure of your site and the text you choose to display on your web page. Thoughtful design and editing are the most cost-effective method of getting noticed by search engines. Interconnectedness with other relevant sites is also an important factor. We will work with you to make sure we get these basics right. We believe, in most cases, this is all that is needed, but if you wish to explore more aggressive web publicity strategies such as Google pay-per-click advertising, we will advise you. More information...

Editing Services

Need help getting your ideas accurately and effectively into engaging prose? We offer content or copy editing services, too. Believe it or not, every word choice you make is not just important for communicating with your readers once you have gotten them, it can have a huge impact on getting readers in the first place. This is because knowing what words to use where is essential to getting the attention of search engines and through them, of course, that of your intended audience.

Tracking visitors

Want to see how many visitors your site is getting over time or from different parts of the world, or any number of other statistics on your site? We can show you how to take advantage of the site tracking software that usually comes free with your hosting package.

Maintenance: tending your site

By the way, search engines like it when your site changes often. (This is why blogs get special attention from them.) Depending on your needs and willingness to get involved, we can set up your site so you can make a lot of the basic textual changes yourself, thus saving yourself money. (See Content Management Systems.)

Or, if you prefer, we can do it all for you at our hourly rate ($60/hour). If you have a very regular and predictable change schedule, it may be more cost-effective if we work out a monthly or quarterly maintenance contract. See also Hourly Rates.

General personal/small business computer consulting

Besides the web services above, we also consult on most common computer-related needs that home users and small business may have. These include the use of and training in most common office software: setting up a home network (wired or wireless), a printer, scanner, or other hardware; buying a new computer; the advantages of open source software, etc. We will quickly let you know at no charge if your concerns or requirements are ones we can address or not. If not, we may be able to recommend some one else. If we can solve the problem by phone or email, the rate is $60/hour ($30 minimum charge). We can make house or business calls in the Seattle area at an hourly rate of $80/hour ($80 minimum charge).

We have many years of tutoring experience and are very open to teaching you how to do any of the things we have described above, including managing and even designing your own web site. We don't hide behind jargon. We will tell you what it is, what it does, and whether it is important and what for. We will be glad to tutor you in any of the services we offer at either our standard rates of $60/hour or the travel rate of $80/hour for on-site help.

See Rates for more detail.

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